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Palmar Scanning: Redefining a Burn Chart for Filipinos


Dr. Alvin B. Marcelo, Dr. Eric Arcilla, Dr. Jeanne Azarcon, Prof. Gleen Aduana

University of the Philippines College of Medicine


The Philippine health care system, adopted wholly from the Americans, is still very much influenced by foreign standards. One of these is evident in the field of burns management. The basic tenet of the palm of hand rule is that the human palm comprises one percent of the total body surface area (BSA). Using this rule, extent of burns are calculated and then fed into the Parkland's formula. The resulting value guides the surgeon with his fluid management.

This study revelaed that the ratio of the Filipino hand with his total BSA is not one percent, but rather 0.6 percent. Being of smaller and lighter stature, Filipinos do not conform to the current formulation of the one-percent-palm. By using American charts like the Lund-Browder chart, we may have been overestimating extent of burns in our local patients and thus may have been overzealous in our fluid resuscitations contributing to the patient's detriment.

We propose a redefinition of a new burn chart configured specifically for the Filipino population. Using simple scanning techniques, we have been able to do this.

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This will be the first exposure of the Philippines in this field. It will benefit our country in gaining more experiences from our more advanced counterparts in terms of technique and strategy.

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